Executive Coaching

Effective leaders are clear with themselves and their teams. Investing in your leadership capability strengthens your skills, enhances your perspective and creativity, improves your emotional intelligence, empowers you to move forward with your goals, and facilitates life-work integration.

Working with Mary Jane, you will:

  • Reflect on your role within your organization
  • Identify your goals and belief systems
  • Align your goals and values with those of your organization
  • Act on your goals
  • Create and measure results
  • Reflect and recalibrate
  • Achieve work/life balance (if needed or desired)

How it works:

After an initial consultation, Mary Jane will prepare a scope of services tailored to your individual needs and goals. Services include a foundation session, assessments, regular in-person and phone meetings, 360 interviews, and training (if needed or desired).


“Working with Mary Jane has helped me define my short- and long-term goals and achieve results. . . . My compensation has doubled in the two years we’ve worked together.”

—partner, global law firm

    Are you ready to ignite your career?