Leadership Development

Leadership culture creates strong organizations that grow. Investing in leadership development creates common language and direction, improved leadership, and bottom-line results.

Working with Mary Jane, you will:

  • Measure your organization’s current culture
  • Assess how current individual and group leadership drives that culture
  • Conceptualize your organizational goals
  • Assess how your current culture contributes to or undermines those goals
  • Define a culture that will allow your organization to achieve those goals
  • Develop a plan for creating intentional culture and the leadership to sustain it
  • Implement the plan!

How it works:

After an initial consultation, Mary Jane will prepare a scope of services tailored to your team’s needs and your organization’s goals. Services include assessment of current and desired culture, team and personal leadership plans, and group and 1:1 coaching for plan implementation.


“I truly feel like the work we did together not only helped me through challenges, but also helped me build a solid foundation from which I am able to coach and lead our team effectively. Our team could not be more cohesive and productive.”

—manager, high growth distribution company

Are you ready to invigorate your leadership?