Put Me In, Coach: Creating A Coaching Culture Within Your Organization Can Create Powerful, Sustainable Results
by Mary Jane Pioli

“Performance will always be at its best when staff, shareholders, directors and even customers share the same values,” notes Sir John Witmore, a leading international business consultant, sports psychologist, and former race car champion. But how do you accomplish this? One powerful strategy for creating high-performance results is to introduce coaching behaviors to your organization. (READ MORE) 

Love It, Don’t Leave It: When Quitting Isn’t an Option, Get More Out of Your Job
by Teresa Kenney

We’ve all heard the old adage “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” If the lemon in your life is your current job, Seattle-based career coach and motivational speaker Curt Rosengren says you should also take note of where your juice comes from. “The first thing I suggest to someone [who is in a job he or she dislikes] is to do some self-exploration to see where their energy—their juice—comes from,” says Rosengren. “Rather than just looking at those things you like doing, examine why you like doing them.” (READ MORE)